Pure @ Ableton User Group Berlin

For the next meeting we are very happy to welcome Pure (Peter Votava), who has been making music with Push for 2 years, Live for over 10 years, Max for 20 years and synths, modular and drum computers for almost 30 years. Most of it sounds pretty weird, almost all of it rather sombre. His music has been described as (in alphabetical order): acid, breakcore, dark ambient, drones, electro, electro-acoustic, experimental electronics, gabber, hardcore, noise, nonsense, rave, and techno a.o.

He will present his first public Max For Live device (a tool for parameter modulation) and maybe his second (an FM-based chaotic noise generator with a unique FM feature) – if he finishes it on time.

He will present at least one technique of working with Live of which he thinks no one else has ever come up with (it’s useful for editing arrangements and long audio recordings) and is looking for more.

He might talk about his artistic work or prepare some special, short live performance. He can easily be persuaded to talk about early 90s Raves and Hardcore and how it felt having one’s life changed by stumbling unprepared into Tresor in 1991.

Date: Wednesday, 10.10.2018
Time: 8 pm (on time!)
Admission: free
Location: Panke, Gerichtstr. 23, Hof V., close to S-Bahn Wedding.
Please check the website of Panke to make sure to find the place: (http://www.pankeculture.com/)

Please find some more infos about Pure:
PURE is active as producer, performer and dj of ncompromising electronic music since 1991. He grew up in Vienna and escaped to Berlin.

He has over 30 vinyl/CD/DVD and countless digital releases on labels such as aufnahme + wiedergabe as CURRENT 909, Ophism as PURE vs. OMNISCIENCE, Editions Mego as BOLDER (with Martin Maischein aka Goner), PURE and ILSA GOLD, on Hinterzimmer with his electronic percussion duo PRSZR (with Rafal Iwanski), on Crónica, Praxis, Staalplaat, Drop Bass Network and many more.

He developed and performed the HEART CHAMBER ORCHESTRA together with Erich Berger between 2003 and 2012; an award-winning audio-visual realtime composition for 12 musicians in which the heartbeats of the musicians create a score in realtime.

His early-90ies Dada Rave prank-duo ILSA GOLD (together with Christopher Just) was the first internationally acknowledged Austrian techno act and is still active.

He holds a Master degree in Computer Music from the University of Plymouth (UK).